Hello Friends, Family and Fans,

As you may remember, our last blog linked you to a story about Andy written by Backpacker Magazine’s Senior Editor Casey Lyons titled “Gone Hiking: Terminal Cancer. What would you do if your Doctor Delivered the Scariest Two Words in the English Language?”

The article garnered many beautiful and poignant responses and feedback from readers. We received comments through this blog, Facebook, email and in Backpackers mail and the readers’ comments page.

These are some of the things that were posted:

“Andy ‘Astro’ Lyon, PCT thru-hike in the face of terminal cancer (“Gone Hiking” by Casey Lyons, March 2015) made a powerful impression on readers.

“The single best article to appear in BACKPACKER since I picked up my first issue in the summer of 1974,”

Ted Moore writes. “Its it too much to ask that Clint Eastwood pick up the rights to this awe-inspiring and inspiration tale of courage decency and resolve?”

Ellen Mates was especially moved by “the strength, care and love [Andy’s] mother and stepfather gave in supporting his choice of how to live his life.”

The real lesson of Andy’s hike according to Tiffany Reed, is that “Life is a terminal illness and we have no excuse to not live each moment like it’s our last”

Andy’s story in Backpacker Magazine also inspired a writer/blogger/podcaster by the name of Paul Shoemaker from Eastern Washington (near Yakima) to contact me and invite me to participate in an interview in this months podcast about hiking.  He wanted to have an opportunity to share Andy’s story with his listeners so they might be inspired. He produces and monthly blog called ‘Hike Healthy.’  You can click on the link below and listen to what I think is an inspiring podcast called “When Cancer is the Diagnosis”. It was my first podcast ever!!

It is amazing to me that just after a year and a half since Andy’s passing that his life and it’s meaning continues to evolve and inspire many people. I am also aware that the loss and the pain that I feel about loosing my beautiful son, that was and is so precious to me, has changed me in many ways. I’ll save that blog for another day!

In other news, my husband, Andy’s stepfather Michael Gosselin is now walking on the Camino de Santiago as a Pilgrim. This is a trek that he and Andy talked about many, many times and doing it together. Michael had originally planned on walking it the year after Andy finished the PCT, but with Andy’s continued decline he decided he wanted to wait and stay close to home. He has dedicated his pilgrimage in honor of Astro Andy and I have added Michael’s link below, it’s fun and upbeat and you can travel along on his adventure.

The Podcast – a word about it:  I recommend skipping through the first 5-7 minutes till you get to the interview.


Michael: Walking the Camino Blog:


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4 Responses to

  1. mwilkosz says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on Andy ‘s continuing story.

  2. Mirella Taibi says:

    Beautiful and inspirational story. You must be very proud of Andy’s accomplishments and all the lives he has touched. Mirella.

  3. Robin J Maslin says:

    I am a 63 year old woman, love the PCT – and Astro is one of my heroes – his arrival pic at the north terminus is on my bulletin board – and inspires me to live my best life !


    Sent from my iPad.

  4. carestrom says:

    I am so glad that Andy’s story still resonates so deeply with so many. It’s all any of us could wish for.

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