Trail Magic

On the trail all kinds of stuff happens, just like off the trail.  But on the trail, there is a certain energy that the hikers feel and that the people that are following the hikers and supporting the hikers feel.  And there is a very special breed of supporters called “Trail Angels”.  Trail angels have fallen in love with PCT hikers, share their passion and get the journey.  Just like all PCT-thru hikers they too have a story.

Trail angels show up at the darnest times leaving water in draught areas and food in the middle of no where.  They fill-up coolers with sodas and beer and hang-out where the trail passes over the road in hopes they can brighten spirits, hear some trail stories and live vicariously through the lives of these courageous, spirited and adventurous creatures — PCT-thru hikers.

Other Trail Angels have homes just a short distance from the trail and are listed in the PCT Handbook as a place to stop, take a break, grab a shower, do laundry, check in with loved ones and get a meal.  Sometimes they even make free dinners for hikers!  Trail angels provide a mail-stop for food drops and friendly and encouraging words on the way.  They’ve even been known to take hikers to local clinics for minor injuries and hang-out for patch-ups, meds and supplies.

While Michael was up visiting with Andy last weekend he was able to hike on the trail just a bit and met up with some hikers and was inspired to create a little trail magic of his own.  He had run into two guys — Wolverine and Hee Haw (trail names) that were just on the heels of Astro (Andy) a couple of times and thought huummmm.   Wondering what he could do to make theirs a great day.

So, the next day when as he was dropping off Andy at the trail to slack-pack him they stopped by subway and the grocery store.  Having a general idea where these guys where and where they would pass by on the trail, he left a note on the PCT trail maker that noted a food stash and instructions on what to do with the trash.  Later that afternoon, when Michael went back to pick Andy up on the trail — he went to the designated trash stash area and there it was, balled up subway wrappers and empty beer bottles!  With a scribbled note –Thanks!

Today in Michael’s email was this:
Dear Michael –
That schweet trail magic was AWESOME!  Hee Haw and I found a note written by Scrub Rat and Doe Eyes directing us toward yummy beer and Subway subs!  Inversion IPA is a FANTASTIC beer that we deeply enjoyed.  The best kind of trail magic is unexpected magic so what you left for us was THE BEST TRAIL MAGIC.
Very Grateful, Wolverine

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One Response to Trail Magic

  1. Michael and Betsy –

    That day that Hee Haw and I found that schweet magic will always be remembered. Little did I know then that we would all finish the trail together. I am so very thankful to you and for your presence in my life and for everything that happened along the whole way so I’d finish right when I did. You guys were amazingly generous at Manning Park and I’d guess I’d still be stuck there if not for you. Andy taught me alot about “everything for a reason…” and I’m starting to get it. Much Love to you both – Wolverine

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