Staying the Course ~ Marched through Oregon and into Washington!

At mile 2206,  just 457 miles to go until Banning Park, Canada and the end of the PCT!  Awesome.

Despite the temporary    “. . . why am I doing this and is it all worth it . . . ”   mindset of a few weeks ago, Andy has persevered.  Who knows what the psyche does when faced with the decision to carry on or call it quits.

Maybe it was the hunger for the accomplishment of finishing that has pushed him forward — and with amazing speed.  He also has a reoccurring theme of, “if I get of the trail, then what?”  Because of the high dessert terrain of central Oregon and little elevation variation, Andy has been able to log 27 – 28 – 29 mile days.  Can you imagine? That’s like a marathon three days in a row.

Another comfort that has propelled him forward is the companionship of two fellow through hikers — Doe Eyes and Scrub (trail names), a young couple from San Diego.  It seems taking time to commiserate about blisters, bruises, blood and burnt out body parts builds a certain bond.  Through this bond of, ‘hey we’re all suffering here,’ the three  are hanging tough.

I’m sure its helped that Michael has met him on the trail at the Oregon / Washington border with promises of what makes Andy smile — and by now, if you’ve followed the blog you know too.  Free Food & Lodging.  The loving encouragement of a father goes a very, very long way too.  That and a trip to REI for some more new shoes ( I think this is pair #5 ), some warmer clothes for the territory ahead and a couple of deep tissue sports massages would certainly lift any PCT-Thru Hikers spirits.

Here’s some photos through Oregon for your enjoyment

Special thanks to everyone who has mailed things along the trail.  They have brightened Andy’s spirits and given him pause on the trail to know that lot’s of people are thinking of him and sending good thoughts of encouragement and ahh.  Please feel free to post a comment too — those are very meaningful to him!

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4 Responses to Staying the Course ~ Marched through Oregon and into Washington!

  1. mwilkosz says:

    Very exciting news Andy! Pretty soon you will be asking yourelf, “now that I finished the trail, what will I conquer next?”

    Michele Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 17:40:49 +0000 To:

  2. Pat Pulaski. high school mate of Betsy. says:

    you can do it. .. good luck.

  3. Dambara says:

    Way to go, Andy! You came, you wavered, you slept & ate, & you kept on truckin’! Very inspiring. Thanks for the photos! You’re kinda taking our spirits along on the journey. Blessings & joy!

  4. Ann Metzger says:

    Hi Andy,

    We have never met. I work with your Father. He is a great man and I only know you, too, must be a pretty special person….remember when you are tired that our bodies are just vessels and our mind holds the strength. Go Andy!

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