I’m on top of . . . Mt. Whitney

By:  Betsy

Got a call from Andy at 10 am this morning and he said, “Guess where I am?” And I’m thinking, uh-oh, is this a trick question.  With my mind racing I said, “Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?”  And the response was, “I’m on top of Mt. Whitney”.  Surprised, I said, “Is that part of the trail?”.  Andy said, “No, it was here and I was here, so I figured, why not.  I’ve been up this mountain before, it was fun, and why not go to the top again”.

I’m so happy for him!  He’s feeling good going 8.5 miles out of his way to hike to the top of Mt. Whitney.  Round trip that’ll be roughly 17 miles that he didn’t have to go, but just did it because it was there.  Incidentally, Mt. Whitney is 14,497 ft and the highest peak in the lower 48 states.  Andy said there was hardly any snow, but plenty of water since he left Kennedy Meadows.  He plans to be in Independence on Thursday and have a down day.  He’s currently hiking with Sunny D and Purple Stuff (both trail names).

And just think, his oncologist said over 2 years ago he might not make it another two years.  That was the day Andy decided not to take his Dr.’s advice anymore and take his health and his care into his own hands!

Think twice when your Dr. makes a prediction!  I am feeling very proud of my son Astro Andy!

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2 Responses to I’m on top of . . . Mt. Whitney

  1. Sheri says:

    The human spirit is an amazing thing and Andy’s strength and positive attitude is an inspiration to us all in this journey of life! Way to go Andy! Love from the Fetrow’s

  2. Dambara says:

    Go, Andy! 🙂

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