Through the Mojave and Entering Paradise

By:  Betsy

Andy made it through the Mojave unscathed.  Luckily the weather cooperated and it wasn’t as hot as it could have been.  Last we talked he had made it to Kennedy Meadows which is the jumping off point for the Southern Sierras.  This is one of the most beautiful sections of the trip with gorgeous trees, rivers and mountains.  People come from all over to do backpacking trips here.

Astro Andy is hiking into the beautiful southern sierras!

Andy and I talked by pay phone as he was doing his laundry.  He was cranky, tired and hungry.  He’d received his various drops:  a food drop from me, two packages from Zappos with new shoes and a package from REI with his bear canister and mosquito repellent.  He’s at Mile 740, and had planned ahead to trade in his shoes, and wanted to be prepared for bears and bugs in the Sierras.

Whenever I talk with him he always brings up food — what he’s craving, and what I’ve been eating lately.  This time when he asked me what we were having for dinner I told him I dug out some old icky potatoes and found some wilted lettuce along with over the hill veggies and a rotten avocado.  That put an end to that conversation and he seemed happier with his dehydrated pre-made meals.

He said there were about 40 thru-hikers at Kennedy Meadows taking down days and getting ready for the trek ahead.  It’s beautiful, but its a long stretch to Independence or Bishop.  His pack was heavier than its ever been with 7 1/2 days of food.  But he’s got new shoes and an amazing vista in front of him.  He sounded good, happy and healthy.

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3 Responses to Through the Mojave and Entering Paradise

  1. Linda says:

    Keep on trekking, Andy! Thinking of you often. Betsy, when and where is his next food pickup spot? – Linda

    • Hi Linda,

      I imagine that Andy will be arriving in Independence around Wednesday. His next stop is:

      To: Andrew Astro Lyon Vermillion Valley Resort UPS Only! c/o Rancheria Garage 62311 Huntington Lake Road Lakeshore, CA 93634

      Next stop is:

      To: Andrew Astro Lyon c/o Motel 6 P.O. Box 1260 Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

      Thanks so much for following him on the trail. I know he appreciates your support. We can talk more on Tuesday about sending him drops.

      All my best, Betsy

  2. Jamie Taylor says:

    Once Michael let me know of Andy’s Big Adventure, I became aware of the Cheryl Strayed book about her experience hiking the PCT. I am now reading the book, and coincidentally with your most recent blog about Andy arriving at Kennedy Meadow, I was reading Cheryl’s account of arriving at Kennedy Meadows. It is such a treat to me to be included in Andy’s Big Adventure while reading this amazing book. I am sure that your whole family has read the book and that, possibly it was this book that inspried Andy’s adventure. Anyway, I know you are very proud of Andy and it is truly impressive that he has come so far on the trail. My best wishes to Andy and good job to you for keeping those precious boxes full of food and supplies coming to him at the right time. I look forward to hearing more as the adventure progresses. Go Astro Andy!

    Jamie Taylor

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