Past Mile 500 into a Wind Tunnel

By  Betsy

I made it to Mile 500! I’m 1/5 the of the way there!

Hello All you happy Followers!

No, the trail hasn’t run cold . . . just a little windy.  I’ve (Betsy/mom) been off on my own adventure in Bali, Indonesia and my communication has been sparse at 2.5 cents a minute.  I’ve just connected with Andy by phone.  He’s gotten off the trail to hitch a ride to Tehachapi where he’ll pick up his next resupply box at the local post office tomorrow.

He told me he’s had a killer day.  It’s been incredibly windy and cold.  Said he has on ever piece of clothing he brought on his back.  When I checked our wall map that we use to chart his course, this is what it said:  WIND FARMS — As you approach Tehachapi Pass, either on foot along the trail or by car along Highway 58, you’ll likely be buffeted by a powerful wind.  Like all passes, Tehachapi Pass is a wind tunnel.  Taking advantage of the nearly 70 miles-per-hour winds, wind turbines blanket the nearby ridges.  The turbines catch the wind as it whips through the pass and convert it into electricity.  Each year, a single wind turbine can produce more energy than that contained in 1,000 barrels of oil.  More than 5,000 wind turbines are operated in this area, making it among the most extensive wind energy system in the world.

Andy walked 21 miles today, I could barely hear him because of the wind.  He’d heard on the trail that there was a convention going on in Tehachapi and all the hotels were booked.  I told him I’d do my best — sure enough Holiday Inn Express booked solid, so I asked for the direct line to the hotel.  Sweet talked the reservation assistant with my concerned mom story and low and behold, she had a room for him.  Called to let him know and he was so thankful to know he had a warm bed in front of him.  He was hitching along Hwy 58.  Eight cars had already sped by, he was hoping No. 9 would be the lucky ride out of the wind and towards a hot meal.

Tomorrow its back into the wind tunnel and onward to Lake Isabella.  Keep following!

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2 Responses to Past Mile 500 into a Wind Tunnel

  1. Linda says:

    Andy, Hang in there, brave warrior! I really enjoyed our brief time together, and you are in my heart and in my prayers. Thanks for including me along your journey. I will be there in spirit. Let me know your next post office stop. We get back from Rarotonga on June 4. – Linda

  2. Keep plugging. I hope to see you in a few weeks (out of the wind)—Gramps

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