Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

By:  Betsy

Caught up with Andy in Big Bear on Thursday 5/3.  Picked him up the hostel where a trail Angel (ex-Marine) provides thru-hikers with a place to shower, eat, check mail etc.  He runs a pretty tight ship, it was spotlessly clean.  My deep gratitude goes out to those trail angels that support these brave men and women on the journey!  Thank you for being there.

Andy’s been doing some day hikes while we hang out in Lake Arrowhead.  It’s great to do day hikes without the heavy pack, lugging around all his gear.  And this is such a beautiful area with pine trees, beautiful rock formations and lake view vistas.  He’s getting in some miles and then getting to come to our home here and eating a home-cooked meal, showering and sleeping in a comfy bed.  Michael went out with him this morning around 6 am and hiked 10 miles — Andy went on to do 20 today — he’s at mile 298.

Tomorrow (5/7) it’s back on the trail with his pack, he’ll be heading out to Wrightwood.  I shipped out his resupply package about a week ago, so it’s there ready and waiting.  I don’t know when I’ll catch up to him again on the trail, but he’s doing great — his feet have healed and he’s very strong.  He’s met some buddies on the trail that he’s keeping up with — they camp together and have meals.  Mostly, you hike alone though, as everyone walks at a different pace and takes different types of breaks.  Andy reports that people along the trail are very helpful and friendly.  Here’s some pictures from earlier adventures:

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One Response to Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

  1. Kim Farrell says:

    Remembered chatting during breakfast at Yosemite about the colorful snake you saw earlier along the PCT & found your photo. I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Sierra Mountain Kingsnake ( notes “Nonvenomous. Considered harmless to humans.”).

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