By:  Betsy/Mom

These are the notes that Andy gave to Michael (Andy’s stepdad) and I when we dropped him off at Mt. Laguna and he continued his trek through snow, wind and wet.  He gave us each baseball caps with the Pacific Crest Trail logo on them (pictures to come later)

Michael,  You’re the best!  I’ll miss you.  I appreciate your gentle encouragement (and the not so gentle nudges 🙂  while I’ve been getting ready for this trip.  It was amazingly helpful to see Brian (the personal weight-lifting trainer) these past few weeks.  I was able to work out my hip and gain confidence in my strength and endurance.  The hikes we took together were really special,not just for giving me real experience ont the trail, but also to just hang out and laugh with you.  My favorite times with you are always when we’re doing something outdoors together.  Your friendship, love and support help keep me light-hearted and optimistic.  Thank you.  Love, Andy

Mom, I couldn’t have done this trip without you.  Your help with my meals, buying gear, shipping resupply packages — amazing on their own.  But, of course, the truly indispensable support you’ve offered me is your limitless love and unwavering confidence in me.  It has help me have the courage and confidence in myself to undertake a journey like this.  You’re the best mom in the world!  But you already know that.  Thank you. Love, Andy

[Andy is now hiking from Cabazon to Big Bear Lake.  I will pick him up on Thursday, May 3 to bring him to Lake Arrowhead where we have a home.  He can take a shower, have some home cooked meals, sleep in a real bed and get his laundry done.  His grandpa and sister Alex will come up over the weekend to visit while he does some day trips without his pack to gain some miles.  Then we’ll put him back on the trail after some family time and he’ll be trekking San Gabriel Mountains over the Cajon Pass and make his way to the Mojave]

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3 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Brian says:

    I’m proud to have been of some help. I will eagerly keep following the progress.

  2. Andy, nice to meet you today! Good luck and I will definitely check in with your blog over the coming months. Cathleen (trail runner from this morning)

  3. Hi Andy, good to meet you today. Good luck – I will definitely check in on your blog over the coming months. Cathleen (trail runner from today)

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