Astro Andy

By:  Betsy

Just so you know, Andy and I are sharing this blog.  I’m writing a little from my perspective and he’s writing when he can and then I am deciphering his journal and then adding it to the blog.

There is a long standing a tradition, going back years, especially on the Appalation Trail and PCT trail to assume a ‘trail name’.  You can either decide on a name for yourself or leave it up to your fellow hikers to determine a trail name for you.  Just a few days into the trail Andy hooked up with a few of fellow thru-hikers and after spending some evenings together and star-gazing, people recognized Andy’s love of astronomy and ability to recognize the planets.  He has an uncanny awareness of planets names and constellations and thus his trail name was born — “Astro”.

He made it to Idyllwild on Tuesday, April 24th.  That’s mile #182.  He’s been on the trail for 17 days now.  First thing he did in Idyllwild?  Eat, then shower, then massage.  It was so good to hear from him.  He’s hooked up with about 5 other thru hikers and they took a zero day in town yesterday.  This weekend is the big PCT kick off down in Lake Moreno.  A bunch of trail angels go round up the hikers at different destinations and drive them to Lake Moreno for some food and to check out vendors selling ultra light gear.  Andy was uncertain as to whether he would get a ride down.  He wanted to go but was conflicted as he also wanted to get back on the trail.  I’m just waiting to hear from him now as to what he’s decided to to.

Andy took pictures of his journal while on the trail and sent them to me . . . so that will be next.  His voice on the trail seems so much more exciting!


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