My Trial Trail Run – from the Border past Mt. Laguna

By:  Andy

I’m writing this entry as I wait at Noble Canyon trailhead (Mile 42) for a mom-pick-up.  I finished my 4-day trail trip, figured some things out about my gear, routine, food, etc, warmed up my legs and feet for the 2, 613 miles still ahead.  Actually, I warmed up my feet a little too well — a couple of blisters have started to form.  It’ll be good to have a few days back at home to make any adjustments, additions, subtractions to my gear, to take a few long, hot showers and to nurse my tenderfeet.  Then I’ll be back on the trail this weekend.

Well, that wasn’t so hard!  I guess I had these fearful expectations, doubts that I wouldn’t be up to it.  It wasn’t easy, but once I took a few deep breaths and started walking, I felt great . . . at home . . . loved, supported.  I had faith that everything would be ok, that whatever happened was meant to happen, that the Universe was looking out for me.  Ahhhh— what a load off.  Carrying a big bundle of worries everywhere can be exhausting.  Not too much to worry about on the trail — your next water source, sunburn, blisters — big deal.  I’m smart, I’m prepared, I’ve got Spirit on my side.  Ahhhh — breathe it in!  Feel that?  That’s you hiking the Pacific Crest Trail!  Gentle wind across my face and neck, birdsong makes me smile, I trip on a rock and laugh.

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