Got Him!

By: Betsy

So, I picked Andy up after his trial run on the trail and this is what he looked like . .

I decided to take a picture of what I thought was the trailhead, but learned later that it was not . . . 

We then back tracked just a little bit to go to the post office to pick up his food drop that we mailed about a week ago and this is the outside  . . .  

While we were there I met a fellow thru-hiker named Andrew (easy for me to remember) I took his picture.  Andy had already met him at camp the night before . . .  

Of course, Andy was hungry so we went to a restaurant called Jeremy’s on the Hill in a small town called Wynola and this is what is was craving . . .

Then he had this jalepeno stuffed burger with garlic fries and a chipotle sauce . . .  

Afterwards we went to the Julian Pie Company (but I think that was just for my benefit) and we bought this . . .

Now it’s back to work, doing laundry, making meals, packing up boxes, shipping them out and getting this boy ready to go!  Leaving 6 am Saturday (April 14) morning and dropping him back on the trail at mile marker 49.  Time to get serious.

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