An Urban Trail?

By: Betsy

So far Andy’s had cell coverage at every campsite and checked in when he got to his destination.  Here’s last night’s and tonight’s updates:

4/8/12 8:51pm  “Safe and sound!  15 miles today.  At Boulder Oaks campgroup tonight.  2 rattlers, 1 horny toad, 1 fellow thru-hiker, and 1 haagen dazs ice cream bar 🙂  xo”

4/9/12 7:37pm  “Made it to Mt. Laguna tonight.  Can you pick me up at Noble Canyon trailhead (you can look it up — a few miles north of Mt. Laguna) tomorrow around noon.?” (17 miles)  Next text:  “Doing great!  I already have our lunch place for tomorrow picked out :-)”

I’m looking forward to seeing my boy and hear how his first leg of a long journey started out!

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  1. Julie says:

    following the blog.

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