On the Trail Early

By: Betsy

Andy has been eager to get on the trail for a practice hike and overnight to test out his equipment — see how his tent worked, making meals with his ultra-light stove-pot, breaking in his shoes, etc.

Originally, he planned to begin his trek on April 14, but then had a brilliant idea — why not just get on the trail in Campo and hike to Mt. Laguna and get things started?  So, yesterday, Saturday, April 7 Michael drove him down to the border and dropped him off!  It’s fortunate we live so close by, just 2 1/2 hours.

Michael said there wasn’t a sole around except for the border patrol.  Seven people had signed in the log book that morning, several Andy recognized from networking on “Trail Journals”.  His pack weighs 22 lbs.


Amazingly we got a text from him last night at 7:38 pm  . . . “Hey!  Safe and sound  . . . 🙂  just set up my tent, now makin chow.  11 miles today, 1 horny toad, 2 snakes (one rattler, one gardner).  This is great! 😀 xoxo”

I’ll pick him up in Mt. Laguna on Tuesday (April 10) and he can come home, make any changes in equipment or gear and then start out on the trail on Saturday, April 14 at Mt. Laguna with some miles under his belt.

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