A Day’s Worth of Food

By:  Betsy

Today we made 6 more days of meals, vacum sealed them for a total of 8 days.   Put them in boxes for the first 2 drops — Mt. Laguna and Werner Springs.  Andy has been on a pretty strict diet for the past couple of years to support his body, healing after cancer.  So, most of his food options are extraordinarily healthy compared to other through hikers.

Breakfasts go something like this:  one grain — oatmeal, spelt flakes or barley flakes, some high fat powdered milk, some nuts, some dehydrated berries and a dash of sweetener.  Add in a vitamin pack and some tea or instant coffee.

Lunches will be mostly snack food like gorp, protein bars, chocolate, dried fruit.

Dinners are anything from beef, chicken, shrimp or salmon paired with a grain like wild rice, quinoa, brown rice, noodles, gnocchi or mashed potatoes.  Add in some beans — pinto, black or peas and then a seasoning packet and of course veggies.

He’s also got in his pack peanut butter and jelly along with some olive oil.

Andy keeps joking that when they name him on the trail (I guess as he meets up with other trail mates they kinda get a feel for his personality and unusual characteristics and he ends up getting a nickname) his will have something to do with food.  And I won’t be surprised.  Andy’s got an obsession with food and he loves all kinds, loves to cook and likes being healthy.

The line at the post office was long and both boxes weighed in around 4 lbs each and cost around $12 to mail.  It will be interesting to see how well the vacum sealed bags held up.  And how Andy holds up as well.  I love that boy!

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