By Andy.

Why am I hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?  Since I made the decision to walk the PCT a couple of months ago, people continue to ask me “why?”  One woman was so surprised someone would actually want to do something so clearly insane.  She simply shook her head and said with a smile, “well, many blessings to you.”

When I first tell people I’m gonna hike the Pacific Crest Trail, they look at me  a little confused for a moment.  Then come the the questions:  the whole thing?  by yourself?  what about bears?  Yes, yep, I hope so.

People are scared of the wilderness, of being alone, of mysterious sounds in the night.  They’re used to their comfy beds, in their comfy house (even the sounds of traffic and sirens are comforting: at least someone is out there).  But hooting owls, whispering winds, rustling leaves — oh my!  Funny how real, pure nature and beauty scare some people.

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One Response to Why?

  1. Bob says:

    I just wanted to leave these words of encouragement and support of Andy’s Adventure…This is a New song I am recording on my next record inspired by all of life’s obstacles Andy has encountered along his journey as I feel his pain and more importantly I feel his joy…it’s called “Andy’s Song (In the Key Of Buddha)”

    The secret of life is to live in the present
    when your mind is pure joy will never leave
    The only two mistakes on the road to truth
    are, not starting and not following through

    We are shaped by thought
    what we think we become
    a jug fills drop by drop
    there is nothing our mind can’t overcome

    He is able who thinks he is able
    a foot feels a foot when it feels the ground
    we are the master of each and every moment
    what we do we do to ourselves

    We are shaped by thought
    what we think we become
    a jug fills drop by drop
    there is nothing our mind can’t overcome

    lalala lalala lalala

    Peace and many Blessings to you Andy….and as John Muir once said..
    “The clearest way into the universe is through the forest wilderness”
    Live in the moment and be well…Bob Pinault

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